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SeniorSMART® requires $20 million in funding in order to become the best geriatric research center in the world. The center has received a commitment of $5 million in endowed funding from the South Carolina Legislature, a lottery-funded initiative that supports the state’s major research institutions.   In addition, SeniorSMART® has raised an equal amount in private, federal or municipal funding. A South Carolina businessman, Charlton Hall, has left an estate gift, and combining his generous initiative with funds from  SeniorSMART® partners, Health Sciences South Carolina, Palmetto Health Hospital, and the University of South Carolina, we have met the required match with the initial $5 million in state money.  The first phase of the fund raising effort is complete, but  phase two is just beginning.

We need your help to advance SeniorSMART further, and to accelerate the discovery of products and services that improve the health and independence of older adults.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of seniors—our parents, grandparents and, eventually, ourselves and generations to follow.

To learn more about how your support can make this important work a reality, contact the University of South Carolina College of Social Work Development Office at 803-777-3902.----IS THIS THE NUMBER AND CONTACT WE WANT????? Since Derek resigned???